My note of condolence marked the beginning of the end of our friendship. Evidently grief over the loss of a cat doesn’t yield a permissible amount of insight into the the death of someone else’s parent.

The things you joke about during the day can fill you with horror in the middle of the night.

Writing about photography—more about writing than photography.

Suffering has made you ugly, which is beautiful.

What would you do if you could go back in time?
Probably die of embarrassment.

Business exigencies gradually transform the physical environment into an implausible pastiche.

Looking back, it’s clear that you were far more ridiculous than you realized at the time, and that the same is true today.

Life happened; he never knew what hit him.

Looking for the few right words that will fix everything.
Maybe next time.

You find yourself, at age 38, in possession of an “artistic personality” without the accompanying talent, skill, discipline, or intelligence. In short, an asshole.

Scientists first noted a sharp rise in animal suicides in early 2012.

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