He comes to in the bathtub with no memory of how he got there. He looks in her eyes and sees pity and fear. Has this happened before? Has he already asked her this? Eventually he retains her answers, hanging on like a drowning man, terrified she’ll let go.

The book’s celebrated “brutal honesty,” refreshing at first, is ultimately outweighed by a hipster/junky air of smug self-congratulation I’ve encountered in some AA people, reveling in their transgressive pasts while simultaneously gloating over their current virtue.

Bombast: thoughts and images too great for subject.

He remembered the results of a study finding that over 50% of people you consider friends don’t reciprocate. Although in his case this was more or less irrelevant, he still found it depressing.

We all fell apart, while they just got younger and younger.

Today is normally a non-drinking day, but yesterday was a holiday.

Did you have a reason for each of these esthetic choices, other than “just for the hell of it?”
Fuck no.

The interview consisted of a single question: What is your comfort level with not knowing? After a long pause, he said, I don’t know. The right answer, apparently.

Strolling my country estate at dawn, assessing last night’s damage. In the driveway, the burnt out husk of my beloved white 1972 Dodge Polara, crushed as if dropped nose first from a crane; in the fountain, two white swans, dead from apparent malnutrition; on my hands, two blood-caked bandages. Opposable thumbs: the last thing separating man from animal.

It was the shortest day of the year and somewhere along the way the bottom had dropped out.

Manage to find someone willing to pay you for being some semblance of who you are, and you might survive.

Canadian slasher movie with Leonard Cohen in a hockey mask.

1) xxxxx
2) something else
3) # three of ten
4) etc.
5) death
6) something more upbeat

We are required to assume the psychological burdens of our economic benefactors.

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