Walking around at the end of winter sighting fellow orphans—diminished piles of snow and dog shit—and mouthing a silent greeting. Hello friend, somehow we made it through.

If we admitted how terrifying life is,
would we need more drugs, or less?

Normally he anticipated this cold black season with dread, but this year it suited him. He expected nothing else. It was what he deserved. He was locked in for the siege.

Over the years, when I asked about other people’s work, he inevitably answered not so good. On a few rare occasions he said not so bad. I never dared ask about mine. I knew the answer.

The point at which you realize your pet might outlive you.

51/49, 50% of the time.

Sixties rock groups with more than one member who became schizophrenic
1) Moby Grape
2) Fleetwood Mac

All music will eventually be drumming.

We finally came to the end of big, dumb ideas.

He told me that when his drinking was at its worst, the only thing that kept him from suicide was the thought he’d never be able to have another one.

Over the course of one sunny afternoon a stately ice shelf the size of Connecticut breaks loose and collapses into the ocean. You are dispersing. You have entered the floe.

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