The universe deposits money in our accounts every day, in the form of reality.

Richter painting in a starched white shirt—is he just fucking with my OCD?

Everything you think, feel, and say, compounded daily.

Their language has been eradicated, but their food remains.

He was someone who could at the same time be held in the highest esteem and lowest contempt.

On Sunday night he put on his work suit and sat in a chair until dawn.

Could you be a little less oracular? It’s irritating AF.

Little soul, you came so far to be here, on the other side of your mother’s skin.

It’s difficult to reconcile the apparent stupidity of the individual Ramones with the conceptual audacity and intelligence of their collective practice.

I know you by your habits; the grooves you have cut in the world; the familiar boredoms I would miss beyond all else.

Although he had longed for it, after retiring from teaching and moving to a house in the woods, he became severely depressed. The diagnosis: loss of horizon.

Your unabashed self-confidence leads me to question your intelligence.

Like many spiritual leaders, he had a far higher asshole quotient than one would have expected from his public persona.

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