The way I like to look at a photograph is to imagine that the person who took it knew that this was the last thing they would ever see.

Maximum number of sounds heard simultaneously:

His quest to reduce expression to its essence eventually reduced it to nothing.

Each morning he stepped out, felt the air on his skin, and gave thanks for this new reprieve.

He was attempting to make great art, always a mistake.

A grid system was developed in order to rationalize intuitive choices.

Obsolescence never goes out of style

The only sure method for clearing the mind has unacceptable side effects.

Something else you said… it left a bad feeling. I’m trying to remember what it was. I meant to get back to it—on account of not wanting my emotions to send destructive signals to my body. Like right now, I’m… rather than letting go, I’m nursing my resentment, which if I’m not careful—
Bingo. Or ignoring it—
Exactly. Which leaves us…
Heart attack—of course.

I don’t even look in the mirror—why would I take a selfie?

Messages on walls or mirrors, invariably perceived as more urgent than those typed on a computer.

What’s really being said is what’s been left unsaid.

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