Conveying the appearance of conveying a point of view.

When you see someone you know on the street do you:
1) make contact
2) avoid contact
When you’re in front of a mirror, do you:
1) look
2) avoid looking

Least favorite word: trending.

1) infinite entry points for any text, image or situation
2) when the mind’s conception of itself becomes unsafe

The pain index has been revised. It now goes up to 15.

A pet hummingbird to sit on your shoulder.

What were thought to be diseases turned out to be the body’s unsuccessful attempts at healing.

For what it is, it isn’t bad. As to whether “what it is” has value, I can’t tell you.

The notes and sketches were without exception more interesting than the final product.

Popular culture has been slowly preparing us for an unbearable future.

Bliss: cessation of effort.

With art, he said, it’s not the thing that’s the thing, it’s the thing behind the thing.

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