They weren’t real likes, they were pity likes.

A surprisingly common admixture of spiritually adept and psychologically unaware.

As a society, they exhibited a mania for naming, labeling and classification that subsumed the actuality of the thing itself.

Little soul, you came so far to be here, on the other side of your mother’s skin.

Driving back, you remember the hopeful innocent you were just a week ago, still on your way. 

Obsolescence never goes out of style

For the past three weeks he’d remained in his apartment, reliving old humiliations and hate-watching Love Actually. Rent was due tomorrow. His thoughts, increasingly, centered on death, disaster, failure, madness. But mostly he was just scared.
Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on thee.

An unfortunate sequence of poor decisions had brought him here, to this chair, in the dark, unable to feel his feet.

I post the memes that make the whole world sing.

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