Beneath the excitement of travel was a core of sadness, knowing this would become the memory of a place he’d seen for the last time.

A few more moments of oblivion
before facing it all.

1) xxxxx
2) something else
3) # three of ten
4) etc.
5) death
6) something more upbeat

Dinner with old friends, drinking wine and cackling at your clever remarks. Morning remorse. When will you learn to shut the fuck up?

Who knew frontal lobe dementia would resonate so clearly with the American electorate?

After his death even his journals were found to consist of vague, ambiguous and purposely misleading statements.

The present you ignore eventually becomes the past you cling to.

Average photographer + average writer + below average illustrator = good designer

It was the summer of fentanyl-laced heroin.

1)   no “rocking out”
2)  no Americanisms

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