Bottom line for a majority of the planet? If it’s bearable, that’s a win.

I saw you sneak that drink, and I forgive you for it.

Only through cat gifs can we subdue our fear of death.

She was his truth, his bellwether and moral compass. Without her he was lost, but also he was just plain lost.

Beneath the zeitgeisty affectations he was an old school creepy lecher photographer guy.

Would I give up a lifetime for one more day with you? In a second, forever.

4 am—
What genius first put together the words CIRCLING THE DRAIN?

He documented his slow decline into madness with a series of photographic self portraits, continuing until the day he no longer recognized himself.

Woke up this morning and nearly wept at how lifelike everything was. Picked up a handful of dirt and just looked at it. I picked it up for you.
Every day I wake up to eternity. Tell me if I should keep writing,

When the anguish of youth meets the resignation of age.

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