Fathers, sons, baseball: bad movies

Surrounded by chaos and devastation, he felt at ease. His inner and outer worlds had reached equilibrium

Alone in his hotel room he wrote:
I am strong. I am unafraid.
He took a sip of his drink and added:
I am over it.
He sat back and looked at what he had written.
None of it was true.
But for the first time in years, it could have been.

The inexplicable burst of popularity he had enjoyed in his youth dissipated quickly as his contempt for his audience became all too obvious.

Looking for the few right words that will fix everything.
Maybe next time.

Standing at the back window, sipping coffee and watching the traffic light change colors in the rain. Your world is coming back to you. Soon it will all be too much—but for now you’re grateful.

The only sure method for clearing the mind has unacceptable side effects.

Bombast: thoughts and images too great for subject.

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