Your mind, trapped inside your mind.

If you make the mistake of asking him something, his eyes glaze over and his mouth twitches into the private smile of a predator who’s just found his victim. Well, he says, that’s an interesting question. In the endless pause that follows, you think, oh shit, we’re in for it now.

Whatever; if you say so. I grew up poor and afraid. I believe you more than I believe myself.

Our lives flew by. Days piled up and were plowed under.

We were in deep shit, but I was too caught up, strung out, beat down to see it. It was the air we breathed and the ocean we drowned in. Today, looking back, I’m afraid for that young couple. I’m afraid for all of us.

What differentiates man from animal: vulgarity.

A world held together by duct tape and magical thinking.

As he struggled up to greet me, even with his belt cinched so tightly it nearly cut him in half, his pants fell down. They had nothing to hold onto. To this day I remember the look on his face. Apologetic; afraid he’d embarrassed me.

No idea
Who the fuck knows
It’s anyone’s guess
Fuck if I know

What’s really being said is what’s been left unsaid.

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